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Imperial Medicaments

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Chinese herbs from East Earth Trade Winds
Chinese herbs from East Earth Trade Winds
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Imperial Medicaments, Edited by Professor Chen Keji, M.D. (Hardcover, 323 pp).

This book, a unique contribution to the development of TCM, consists of 391 herbal formula that were prescribed for the Empress Dowager Cixi and the Emperor Guangxu. They are classified according to their actions and indications along with detailed comments. Ninety-nine TCM classics and the assorted historical literature were cited to assist readers' comprehension of the medical principles in the prescriptions. The medical archives and files covered a span of thirty years, involving the TCM knowledge of the imperial palace and of the folk medicine of ancient China.
The formulas are listed by category such as Longevity Prescriptions, Tonic Prescriptions, Lustrous Hair-Maintaining Prescriptions, Prescriptions for Nasal Conditions, Lip Condition Prescription, Prescriptions for Spleen and Stomach Conditions, Prescriptions for Regulating Menstruation, Herbal Bath Remedies, Herbal Tea Remedies, Medicated Wine, Lumbar Pain Prescriptions, Prescriptions for Muscle and Tendon Pain, etc. This is one of the best formula books we've seen in quite a while. Most of the formula's can be made up with either bulk herbs or the Sanjiu herbal extracts that we carry. We know you will enjoy this book!

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