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Iron Hand Liniment - 4 oz bottle

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Dit Da Jow Iron hand liniment from East Earth Trade Winds
Item Number: 42381
brand: Black Dog
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Iron Hand Liniment® - 4 oz bottle

  • Good for bruises, sprains, strains
  • Promotes healing
  • Preferred liniment for Martial Artists or other sport activities

Iron Hand Liniment® is excellent for treating external injuries such as bruises, sprains, pulls, and twists. Use it to promote the healing of injuries, such as bruising, muscle soreness, or joint injuries, sustained in any high intensity sport activity. Martial artists can use it for Iron Hand conditioning or after sparring to toughen skin and strengthen tendons, ligaments, and bone but it can be used for any sport or work injury.  This formula is essential to any athlete's training. Some of our older East Earth Trade Winds walk-in customers like to use Iron for chronic injuries like knee and back pain.

Contains: Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Carthamus, Lycopodium, Aucklandiae, Paeonia, Ginseng, Lignum sappan, Rheum, Ligusticum, Notoginseng, Myrrha, Boswellia, Daemonorops draco, Lycopus lucidus, Eugenia caryophyllata and other herbs for fragrance.

Size: 4 oz. bottle

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

Iron Hand Liniment Testimonial


The following information is provided by the manufacturer of Iron Hand Liniment:

HISTORY: Iron Hand Liniment is an injury formula originally developed by practitioners of the Iron Palm martial arts. This powerful herbal combination has been used by the Chinese for centuries to relieve pain and promote healing of injuries.


  1. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs often have harmful side effects on the body and organs. Iron Hand Liniment can be applied directly to the area that is causing discomfort, avoiding common oral anti-inflammatory side effects.


When bone or tissue becomes damaged the body mounts a sophisticated repair process. Iron Hand Liniment supports this process with herbs chosen for their specific medicinal properties and their ability to work together. The herbs utilized in our liniment have a variety of uses in Chinese medicine. Some promote circulation, heal bones, alleviate pain and disperse swelling. Others open energy channels, relax muscles and resolve bruises. This multi-tiered approach helps to restore circulation and energy channels which are necessary for the construction and maintenance of virtually all connective tissues and fluids in the body, including muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone.


Iron Hand Liniment can be used for a wide variety of muscle, bone and joint injuries. Common uses include: Swelling and pain from arthritis and tendinitis, bruising and trauma resulting from impacts, muscle soreness and lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain associated with automobile accidents, as a warm-up aid to increase flexibility and circulation before workouts.

See the East Earth Trade Winds article: Secrets of Iron Palm Training


Spray effected area with Iron Hand Liniment a minimum of three times daily. Rub in. Use before and after exercise and/or training.


Anyone who experiences pain, inflammation and stiffness associated with injuries, overuse and chronic ailments can benefit from the effectiveness of Iron Hand Liniment. Martial artists training in Iron Palm exercises should use this formula before and after conditioning their hands.

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