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Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan

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Item Number: 15180

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan 补中益气丸

  • Tonifies the Spleen and Stomach
  • Invigorates the Liver
  • Good for fatigue
  • Good for poor digestion issues
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan (Central Qi Tea, Japanese: Hochuekkito [Hochu-ekki-to]) is the classical formula from Treatise on the Spleen & Stomach, 1249AD, to tonify the Spleen and Stomach and invigorate the Liver. Good for fatigue, poor digestion with symptoms of abdominal bloating, pain, or gas with erratic stools. It is also good when recovering from an illness because it gently stimulates and improves your energy. Take 8-10 tabs three times a day.

Contains: Astragali, Codonopsis, Licorice, Atractylodes, Dong-Quai (Angelicae Sinensis), Cimicifugae, Bupleurum, Tangerine Peel, Ginger, Jujube. Other Ingredients: starch.

Size: 200 tabs

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

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