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DC Formula / DC Powder

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East Earth Trade Winds Chinese herbs
East Earth Trade Winds Chinese herbsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
Item Number: 49996
DC Formula (DC Powder)

About this Product:
  • This formula is based on  Dr. David Pearson's Dia betes Free Formula
  • Made with Chinese herb extract powders.
  • One Month Supply.

Starting in 2015 we had many people ask us to make Dr. David Pearson's Diab etes Free Formula. We had had the formula custom made
for your convenience and sell our our product as the DC (Dia betes) formula.  We make no medical claims for this product nor can we advise you on using this product. Please refer back to the website where you found this formula originally for more information.
This formula is custom made following the ingredients of the DC Formula listed below. It is our understanding that this is a one month supply. Note that Chicory is not available in extract form so it isn't included in the formula we provide. You will have to order the Shepherd's Purse separately in extract powder (just add to your formula). Please see below.
The formula comes in a bottle of extract powders and a bag of the Fenugreek seed powder. Add the Fenugreek seed powder (the 50 gram bag) to the bottle (55 grams of powder) then mix and use as directed.

The ingredients are as follows:

Balloon flower root extract (Jie Geng) 6g

Schizandrae Chinese Fruit extract (Wu Wei Zi) 6g

Licorice root extract (Gan Cao) 5g

Astragalus root extract (Huang Qi) 5g

Lycium Chinese fruit extract (Gou qi zi) 5g

Wild Yam root extract (Shan Yao) 5g

Solomon's seal extract (Huang Jing) 5g

Mulberry leaf extract (Sang Ye) 5g

Abyssinian myrrh root extract (Mo Yao) 5g

Chinese Motherwort extract (Yi Mu Cao) 4g

Jujube fruit extract (Da Zao) 4g

Fenugreek seeds (Hu Lu Ba) 50g (comes is a separate bag)


Chicory Extract - as far as we know this ingredient is not a Chinese herb and is not included in the formula. One reference states that it is uncertain whether this genus is found in China (p. 92, Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Georgetown Press, 1973). We cannot find a listing in any Chinese herb books nor a source for this herb.

Shepherd's Purse Stem extract - The Diab etes Cure formula states that Shepherd's Purse is a Chinese herb, however, according to our East Earth Trade Winds herbalist it has been difficult to identify. There are several Chinese names for this herb listed in obscure books. For example, Chi Ts'ai, ti-mi ts'ai, hu sheng cai, ji xin cai, jing chang cai, di ai, xiang ji and qing ming cao are all listed as names for this herb, however, neither the botanical name (Capsellae Bursa Pastoris) nor the Chinese names mentioned are listed in the most authoritative herb books that we have. However, we found some within the Sanjiu brand of herbs that we carry. The Chinese name is Ji Cai which is the pinyin spelling of "Chi Ts'ai which we listed above. So we now offer it in extract powder form which you add to formula we provide here. You'll need six packets of Capsellae (Ji Cai/ Shepherd's Purse) below.

*** We do not make any claims for this product nor can we advise you how to use it.

Here is some Customer Feedback on the DC Formula:
"...I am very pleased with my results using this product & program. I have lost 6.9 lbs., and lowered my blood sugar readings by an average of 70 mg/dl per check!!!!! in the first week." -T.G., Mishawaka, IN (2/17/15)

"...with the first bottle I was able to cut my insulin by 60%. I am ordering another bottle to see how it continues to work..." -A.C., Dade City, FL (5/5/15)

"...this formula is doing wonders for me, do you have many people taking advantage of this formula?....." -S.S., Alberta Beach, Canada (6/17/15)

"...when I went in to see the doctor after a three month checkup my blood sugar was normal and I don't take prescription medication anymore for diabetes. I take 1/4 teaspoon of the DC Formula three times a day. I mix it in water and drink it 30 minutes before meals. Taking the formula is part of the program to better health. I also watch my carb intake and avoid fats. I'm glad to be off insulin..." C.H., Ft. Wayne, IN (6/26/15)

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

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