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Customer Comments

These are some of the unsolicited written comments we get from people. We're sure that once you try our products and get to know our company that you'll feel the same! We appreciate hearing from you!

  • Recently a regular customer wrote: "I know its been a long time since I ordered but I'm still around and I'm really glad you are too! -A.G., Pueblo, CO (6/21/16)
  • I received my order today and I was amazed to get it so quickly and so well packed - I thought I wouldn’t receive it until Monday. So thank you! I will certainly be ordering from you again! Have a great weekend. -Dr. N. S., Nevada City, California (6/4/16)

  • Thank you Michael for your quick reply and thank you for all your help and explanations throughout the process of ordering from you. It's been a pleasure doing business with you because if  all your  patience and assistance. -Bill G., Halifax, NS (5/27/15)

  • Thank you for many years of wonderful service and excellent medicines!  -Leah C., Florence, AL (EETW customer since 2000) (5/26/15)

  • "Since you're so friendly and personable I will only recommend your company to friends and use your company myself from now on... thank you soooooo much, in these days companies would never take the trouble to answer me personally but you did! I am seriously impressed! Thank you again, and I wish you guys all the blessings and success you can hold" -K.S. (5/13/15)
  • My Dog Has not had a seizure since 2010 because of your wonderful herbs. Thank you so much, Lana B., Yucca Valley, CA  (9/23/14)
  • Thank you very much for providing such wonderful products! - Asheton P., Wilmington, DE (9/11/14)
  • The ginseng roots in my last order were some of the finest and largest that I've seen in years. I have been going to New York's China Town for my roots, but I like your quality better. Thanks again, - Gary R., Cortlandt Manor, NY (7/1/14)


  • I am very happy with my order. I love your website and products. - LaDonna H., Atoka, OK (6/23/14)

    • Thank you a much! I love your company and now have at least 3 family members who order from you recently. Thanks for your quick and attentive service. -Sharon N., Yuba City, CA (6/23/14)

  • I received my order today.  I appreciate your integrity and all efforts toward "Customer Satisfaction".   Thank you very much!! -Susan B., Southfield, MI (5/2/14)

  • (Re: Thyro-forte) This is a WONDERFUL product! -C.F., St. Johns, Fl (4/26/14)

  • (Re: Ganmaoling) "The best deal around" - James N., West Palm Beach, FL (4/12/14)

  • Thank you, ...and I want you to know that your company's products and your service are great! - Sharon N., Yuba City, CA (2/13/14)


  • I have to speak up, I Have a wonderful Lab named Max, In 2009 he started having seizures. Max 's doc said the meds they have could hurt my dog's insides, He told me of holistic meds, That's when I found ( East Earth Trade Winds ), I am proud to say that Max has not had a seizure since 2010. Again I say Thank You, EAST EARTH TRADE WINDS!  -Lana B., Yucca Valley, CA (4/10/13)

  • I received it (Cerebral Tonic Pills) today. thank you so much. Chinese medicine is superior. Yin/Yang. Herbalism and herbology. Feng Shui..... -Anthony M., Fairview, NJ (2/25/13)

  • I placed an order for Zheng Gu Shui Wed Jan 16, 2013 and received it Sat Jan 19, 2013.  I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with your prompt service! - Sincerely, Margaret W. (1/23/13)
  • I am very pleased with your products! A.R., Maggie Valley, NC (11/9/12)
  • Hello, Regarding the order, which was received quickly, well packaged and well priced. Thank-you! -David C., NY, NY (10/16/12)
  • Fast service.  I picked it up today (3/30/12).  Thanks! -John M., Corvallis, OR (Note: order was placed on 3/25/12)
  • The Peony and Licorice are working well for my patient. Thank you! -Dr. A., Redding, CA (March 22, 2012)
  • I enjoy these products (Fo-ti and Panta Tea). -Denis R., Kelowna, BC, Canada (March 16, 2012)

  • I am pleased with your products and services. -Aurelia R., Maggie Valley, NC (February 9, 2012)

Your (links) page was so helpful and I wanted to write and say thank you for having such a useful resource. -Alisa B. (January 10, 2012)


Please read my 5 Star review on Yelp! about your company.  Thank you for your help and your company's excellent service!
Mahalo and Merry Christmas!
Scot S.
Honolulu, Hawaii (December 24, 2011)

Note: Here's the yelp review or you can go to and search for East Earth Trade Winds, Redding, CA:

Great pricing for hard to find Chinese herbs.  Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  Easy to get a hold of whether by email or phone and quick to respond.  I wholeheartedly give them five stars because their customer service and turn around time is top flight.


Thank You!

I'm so glad I found you.
Your web page is easy to navigate and the descriptions helpful.
Shipping is lighting fast.
Now that I don't live near Asian groceries you're great!
Jeff O., Minneapolis, MN (December 15, 2011)



Thank you for good service! -Aurelia R., Maggie Valley, NC (Nov. 13, 2011)


.... I really appreciate your fast service and excellent customer service.

-T.D., Hanford, CA 9/16/2011


Wow... that was fast!  I think I'm going to start buying all of my supplements from you guys!  And I buy a lot of things online!  (I'm still waiting for one company to send me some Dim-Vitex that I ordered 3 months ago!)
Thank you so much... I am very anxious to try your product!
Have a wonderful day!
L., North Bend, WA (8/2/2011)

I'm very impressed with the fast shipping and look forward to doing more business with you.


-Liza G., San Carlos, CA (5/21/10)

We received an email on May 20, 2010 regarding an order placed on May 5, 2010 and shipped to Brazil. Our customer wrote:

It was quite fast !
I thought I would have to wait for like 3 months !

Now I know where to buy Chinese medicine ! :)

Have a nice day !

Thanks a lot,

-F.. P., Sao Paulo, Brasil (5/20/10)



Thank you so much for your help and quick response, I really appreciate it. -J. K., Anthem, AZ (4/2/2010)
Thank you very much for your prompt assistance.  I have inspected the herbs and am very happy with them and my purchase.  I look forward to future purchases.  Thank you for your well wishes, I hope your day is wonderful as well.  -Samuel T. Phoenix, AZ (2/16/10)

I want to  thank you for your many years* as my supplier of high quality Chinese herbs, medicines and books.
 Thank you again.
Jim M., Metuchen, NJ (2/15/10)
* (customer since April 1997)

Hi. My husband and I have been ordering several products from you and am very pleased with them... Thank you. I appreciate your help.  -H.C., Taos, NM (2/3/10)

I've been ordering your products off and on for almost 10 years now. Recently, I've received a catalog with all products listed, and a brief description. I LOVE the Sanjiu Herbal Extracts (powdered Chinese herbs) and the quality of your bulk herbs. You offer a wide selection of products. I like that I can order at any time of the day over the phone. I have been VERY satisfied with all products, books, and orders placed. All products ordered were received (no mistakes-very unusual for mail orders!). I'm a very satisfied customer and you are my ONLY source for Chinese herbs. Thank you for your excellent business.
Gretchen H., Columbia, TN (1/5/2010)



-Just to say thanks for your effort in sending all my stuff on time. Its been marvelous. -George C., Los Angeles, CA (12/8/09)

Dear EETW:

Just a note to thank you ... not only for having so many great products but also for your superior service.  It's amazing that from the time I placed my order until I received it, only a week went by!   

Thank you ... if some other companies followed your example, they might still be in business!!


 Debbie D., Carson City, NV (12/6/09)


  • Thank you once again for your speedy delivery! Your products are the best. - D.M., Willows, CA (6/10/09)
  • Thank you so much for your prompt and professional response. I am looking forward to trying the indigo naturalis on my son's psoriasis. If this helps we will be regular customers and recommend you to others! -C.W., Alachua, FL (1/7/09)




Just a note to say thank you and congratulations for your handling of my first order with your company. I needed Kwan Loon liniment, couldn't remember the name of it and had no where to find it offhand. I stumbled into your catalog on the Internet and found just what I needed and a lot of other interesting stuff!
The level of email communication from the time I ordered, both from you and UPS was EXCELLENT. I felt totally included and apprised of the process.
My order just arrived. The bottles were in great shape, well packed and larger than I had recalled buying elsewhere years ago. The price, then, seemed even more attractive.
Beautiful website, fine print catalog which I will read from cover to cover this week.
Thank you and have a wonder business and personal year in 2009 to every person at East Earth Trade Winds who contributed to such great customer service.
I'm going to send this letter to my entire email list and encourage them to look you up online and try your products.
K.W., Indianapolis, IN (12/30/08)





  • Thanks for your outstanding concern & service. The herbs make MN (Minnesota) a better place for me!. - J.M., Rochester, MN (12/24/08)
  • I received my order and I love the products.  The anti-inflammatory herbs and analgesic balm I have been using really work! -H.C. Ann Arbor, MI (10/16/08)



  • I received order today---PLEASED...will be back. Thanks for speedy shipment, great products! Happy I found your site.....Have a nice weekend. - Eve (2/22/08)

  • Thanks to everyone at East Earth for your prompt, reliable and helpful service during the past year. I look forward to receiving my herbs every few months and wouldn't want to do without them. Best Wishes for a healthy, peaceful, prosperous 2008! - J.M. (12/20/07)

  • ...I would like to thank you for my last order.  It was sent really fast and the herbs work.  I have purchase the Anmien Pien and I am extremely satisfied... -G.V., Brooklyn, NY (10/3/07)


  • My shipment arrived yesterday & I have to tell you how delighted I am. The quality is superb!!! In particular, I am very pleased with the 'dendrobium', the poria cocos, & the tian qi. can be assured I will continue to place orders with you as time goes by!  -L.S., Hendersonville, NC (9/28/07)
  • Your products have never failed me. As a martial artist, and a student of Kampo, your products are truly a gift. -T. Davis, Murdock, NE (6/7/07)
  • My mother and I have bought your products for over 18 years. Thanks so much! - S.J., Dahlonega, GA (2/28/07)
  • I'm so glad to have found your website. It is set up well & very easy to learn about the herbs & their indications. I will suggest it to many & continue to use it in the future for my herbal needs. Thank you, -S. J., Virginia Beach, VA (2/26/07)
  • Your site is awesome!!! I intend to share it with my friends. Thanks so much!! -S.S., Tucson, AZ. (2/16/07)





  • Really amazing stuff! Thank you! -B.S., San Pablo, CA (2/5/07)
  • I have looking in your catalog since 1992 and  have been ordering product too. Keep the good work up with the products you sell. - K.S., Stone Mountain, GA (9/20/06)
  • I was researching Chinese herbs. I am impressed with your website! -J.E., Arizona (7/19/06)
  • Thanks...I enjoy your products very much. -T.A. (7/9/06)
  • I love the web page!! -L.B., Reno, NV (6/22/06)





  • (Your site was) Highly recommended by friends and acupuncturists. -N.G., Beaverton, OR (6/5/06)
  • This is a really great site. Thank you for being there when one needs you. -V. Santos (5/30/06)
  • It is always a pleasure to deal with you. Your products are great! -T.D., Murdock, NE (5/29/06)
  • (Found you in) Healthy Beauty. A wonderful book that is helping me free my natural side and become healthier over the time span of my life. -T.L., Columbus, GA (5/2/06)
  • I found your website through Letha Hadady's books and I have been very satisfied with my purchases thus far. A catalog will be very convienient for shopping here. I look forward to future purchases. -D.H., Warnerville, NY 12187 (5/2/06)





  • (Found you through a) Search engine listing, it is good to find a supplier of herbs that has been around long enough to legitamize its existence and ensure reliability. -M.R., Midland, TX (5/1/06)
  • (Found you through) Searching for Chinese herb sites to order products for skin, aging, stress. Yours offered a catalog for me to view. I will be ordering from you, because of that. Thanks! -V.R., Baggs, WY (5/1/06)
  • ...I have Letha Hadady's Asian Health Secrets, and I love it. It is full of excellent information.
    -L.B. (3/24/06)
  • Please send a free catalog. I find your site fascinating and hope to use your products regularly.
    -T.M., Luna Pier, MI (3/22/06)
  • Please send a catalog. A friend told me that you guys were great and I should order my supplies from you. Thanks!
    -C.F., Bronx, NY (2/16/06)





  • I used to be a frequent customer. I haven't bought anything in a while. I'm looking to buy again! I loved your products!
    -P.T., McMinnville, TN (1/16/06)
  • Thanks for the quick deliveries when I place orders! Your products are wonderful.
    -N.P., Sparks, NV (1/2/06)
  • I have bought your products for over 15 years for my 94 year old mother and myself. Neither of us takes any prescription drugs. Your products are great and your customer service is outstanding. Keep up the good work!
    -S.J., Dahlonega, GA (10/10/05)
  • I'm pleased with the products I've ordered in the past and would be delighted if I could get a current copy of you catalog.
    -A.D., Greensboro, NC (9/12/05)
  • Your products are really wonderful. Thanks!
    -A.L., Hanford, CA (8/31/05)





WOW! I did cut and paste and found myself to be very interested in your catalog. Thank you and I think I will learn a lot. I am looking forward in receiving the catalog.
-S. D. (8/22/05)
Note: This comment was in reference to a link we provided to's copy of one of our past catalogs. It no longer works though. See:

  • Please send a new catalog. I have bought from you in the past and I like your products.
    -S.R., Fresno, CA (8/3/05)
  • I'm a great believer in Chinese medicine and I am looking forward to your catalog. Great web site. Talk to you soon,
    A.P., Salinas, CA (8/1/05)
  • I have been using your products for a long time and I find them to work very well for me.
    Thank you for being there!
    -C.B. Two harbors, MN (7/28/05)
  • Hello friends! I thank you for the very nice Ganoderma specimens that I received. I really appreciate great service and great product. Wishing you all the very best!
    Love and blessings and gratitude, C.B., Green Tara Yoga & Healing Arts, Cleveland Heights, OH 7/19/05





  • Your web page has been extremely helpful!
    -M.D., Austin, TX 7/14/05
  • Thanks for your consistently fast and friendly service and products.
    -D.C. Willowick, OH (5/30/05)
    -P.C., Chicago, IL (5/23/05)
  • When my husband was down in Redding he stopped at your shop and bought pills for a sinus infection ...they worked wonderful! ...thank you so much! Hope all is well...
    D.E., Fresno, CA (4/22/05)
  • I've first discovered EETW in Letha Hadady's book: Asian Health Secrets, as I have been diligently searching for alternative healing methods. The quality is superb and the service- unsurpassed. Thank you! :-)
    -S.H., Johnstown, PA (4/20/05)





  • Great site!
    - M.E., Huntington Park, CA (3/7/05)
  • Have been reading a book Asian Health Secrets(by Letha Hadady), and did online search for herbs to use that are in the book. Your website has the best selections of all items I am looking for. Thank you.
    -Y. S., College Park, GA (1/13/05)
  • Very informative web site! Thanks!
    -E.D., Akron, OH (1/6/05)
  • Your products are wonderful!. I've order in the past several times.
    -J.B., Canoga Park CA (1/5/05)
  • It has been a while since I have ordered from EETW but alway appreciate the quality of your stock and the few times I visited the Redding area the staff was polite, courteous, and knowledgeable:
    Thank you for staying in there and keep up the good work:
    Alan T., Fresno, CA (12/19/04)





  • I discovered East Earth Trade Winds through a search I did on Google. I enjoyed looking at your site and at the products you have to offer. I am eager to place an order with your company and look forward to receiving your catalog. Thank you!
    -D.L., Cambridge, VT (12/3/04)
  • I've heard through word of mouth that you supply excellent products. Please rush me a catalog, I assure you, I will make good use of it.
    -F. D., Grandview, Missouri (12/3/04)
  • I am glad I found you!
    -E. L., Burlington, CT (11/29/04)
  • Thanks so very much for your helpful diligence! No wonder I have recommended EETW to so many people, worldwide!!!!!
    - Dr. A.B., Star, Idaho (11/4/04)
  • I love your site and the products you have listed!
    -C.M., Ridgecrest, CA
  • I ruptured my biceps tendon and had surgery to repair it. I started using Five Photo's Dit Da Jow soon after the surgery. Eight weeks later I have 90% of my arm use back and my doctor's are impressed! -M.M., Palos Verde, CA 5/12/2004



I've been an East Earth customer for a number of years, with splendid results. (You might be interested in knowing that since I started taking Xiao Yao Wan(15851), my migraines have disappeared. I had been diagnosed by two acupuncturists as having stagnant Liver Qi, so I searched in your catalog for something that would get the Liver moving again, and voila!) ... I will continue to enjoy and order from your catalog. Best wishes.

L.H., Bordentown, NJ (1/21/01)

 Thank you for the wonderful service and products since I have started ordering from your company. ... I look forward to doing business again in the near future. -D.S., Fort Collins, CO (2/25/2002)

  • Thank you for making available to the western world these great treasures from the East. Pe Min Kan Wan is a miracle worker. My sinus and allergy attacks are less frquest, and are much less severe when I do get them, and last a few hours instead of up to a week. -Becky G., Stonesboro, PA 7/30/2001

"Hello folks! My name is Miles Coleman and I thought I would share a recent experience that gave me one of "life's lessons". I (foolishly) decided to try ordering herbs from another company. Not because you guys don't do a wonderful job but because this company (K___ S____) had really good bulk prices. Well you get what you pay for. As of 2:56 PM on 9-7 2000 I haven't received my order that I paid for because, they sent the package C.O.D. for the same amount. Yes, that's right, to get my package all I have to do now (after talking to 2 doz., different people none of whom I could understand), is send them another check for the full amount and they promise to send this check back to me, ha ha ha ha. I have learned my lesson. From now on no matter what I will only order from East Earth. Now in order to get my package I am going to write another check and then issue a stop payment so these idiots don't keep that check too!! You can use this as a testimonial if you like. Please tell everyone, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER FROM K___ S____ IN SAN FRANCISCO."
- Miles C. (9/7/2000)

  • Just a short note to thank you for your wonderful selection of herbs. I realize that there is no substitute for a qualified herb Doctor, however, for minor common problems it is tratfing to solve some health problems with your help. By listing the herbs & their properties (along with suggested dosage) in a clear manner I have been able to use your herbs to overcome some irritating health problems. This leaves my herb Doctor free to deal with those who truly have serious problems. Thank you again! -Lorraine E. (August 2000)

I've ordered twice from your company now, once by phone, once by mail. I am very impressed by your level of service. Your phone people were knowledgeable and courteous. The orders I made arrived promptly, were packed neatly and were correct in every way. I will continue to order from you, thanks for the excellent level of service. - Daniel A. PS: I will recommend your company to my friends. (5/30/2000)

  • I wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing. Your prices are excellent, your customer service is fantastic, and I always get my orders very promptly. I have nothing but good things to say about your company! -Lisa B., Omaha, NE (3/28/2000)

  • This is my first order with your company and if all goes well it certainly won't be my last. I just wanted to say I appreciate all the help I've been given in the past, it has always been prompt and courtisous. May our relationship live long and prosper. Thanks for everything. -Tony P., Middlesex, NJ (10/14/1995)

  • I love these herbs and what they do for me. Thank you. -Mark I., Eden Prairie, MN 4/2/1995

  • Thanks! The order arrived quickly. You are always so dependable and so pleasant to deal with. Take care. -Kay H.H., Texas 3/28/1995

  • I wanted to thank you for the prompt respnse when I ordered at the beginning of April. -Ann C., Chicago, Il 4/17/1995

  • I am very pleased with the herbs I received from you. Thanks! - John F., Goodlettsville, TN 1/30/1995


We forgot to note the date on the comments received below.

  • Awesome site!
    - R.K., Orangevale, CA
  • Hi! We just wanted to let you know that we received our order today. That was very fast! Thank you also for the catalog. You have terrific products and some of the best prices around! We will recommend you to our friends!
    -K & A B.
  • Wonderful information and herbs!
    -T.W., Kailua-Kona, HI
  • I've been dealing with your company for years and am very happy with your products and your prices.
    -D.K., Orange, MA
  • Love what I see on the website!



  • I think this is a wonderful site, I found you through random searching. But I love the site. Please keep it up. Thanks!
    -A.V., Marysville, PA
  • I really love the single concentrate/herb packets (Sanjiu) and your excellent selection!
    -L.C., Florence, AL
  • Love the expertise on your "questions" section of the web site. This expertise increases the confidence of the customer receiving quality health solutions.
    -IQT, San Rafael, CA
  • Thank you for the great products. I am very happy with the last order I placed with you. Keep up the good work!
  • Thank-you for my first order! I was very impressed with the excellent service, the high quality of the products and the speedy delivery. I look forward to ordering again soon. You provide a valuable service! Keep up the good work.
    -Bessie B.
  • You guys have great stuff! It's been very helpful to me. I've been on dialysis for 27 years now, and no one else has products that have helped me with the fatigue and "washed-outness". Thanks!
    -T.B., Olympia, WA
  • I have been a customer of yours for several years.I find your company to be one of a kind. Most of the items you carry I have never seen elsewhere...Thank you!
    -E. P. Mechanicsville, VA
  • "You have a great site/store/catalog/products."




  • "Your website is brilliant!"
    -C.H., Scotland
  • "Love the website!"
    -M.M., Lee's Summit, MO
  • "I love your product offerings! I found you on a web search thru google. Thanks!"
    -C.B., Arkansas
  • "I appreciate your selection. I have had wonderful results with the products I use."
    -L.B., Nevada
  • "I always recommend your products, especially this time of year. Your products have saved me from my usual torturous colds and flu. I really appreciate you."
    -R.M., Clifton, CO
  • "I have ordered in the past and would like to look through your catalog instead of just online. Thank you for having such great products!"
    - L.M., Portland, ME
  • "I think you give real good service."
    - P.M., Chicago, IL
  • "Thank you for making these products available. Please add me to your list to receive new catalogs as they are available. Thank you and have a beautiful day!"
    - D.C., Waynesboro, PA
  • "Excellent service..."
    - R.G, Metairie, LA
  • "Dear Sirs, I've ordered twice from your company now, once by phone, once by mail. I am very impressed by your level of service. Your phone people were knowledgeable and courteous. The orders I made arrived promptly, were packed neatly and were correct in every way. I will continue to order from you. Thanks for the excellent level of service."
    - Daniel A., Flagstaff, AZ
    PS: I will recommend your company to my friends.

  • "I found your site through the Google search engine. Your site was very easy to use as all the information was in the appropriate area and the descriptions or the herbs were detailed without being laborious. I'm looking forward to receiving my order! Thanks!"
    - Sandra F., Coral Springs, FL

  • "I wanted to thank you for your great customer service - both via the web and phone. You have been very cordial and helpful when I have called with questions. You package the products with great care (everything has come unbroken). I have always been surprised as to how quickly I have received the products I ordered. Thanks. I appreciate it."
    - K.R., Bozeman, MT
  • "I would just like to thank you for being so quick and efficient. I placed my first order with you recently, and I was amazed at how fast I received it. Too bad the other online companies can't take a lesson from you. I really appreciate it *smiles*"
    - K.R., Meridianville, AL
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your wonderful products. Beautiful website...nicely arranged..a true joy."
    - A.M., Richmond, CA
  • "I have been a customer for the past three years and I am always pleased with my orders. Thanks for providing the consistently excellent service you have for all this time. Your site is great and I look forward to visiting again and again. Thanks again for all your hard work!"
    - P.C., Mililani, HI
  • "....your company is awesome. I think you guys are fantastic. Its really, really, hard in this day of age to get good service, but you always make me feel like you treat me special...thank you for all your help and quick attention. I really appreciate it and you have helped my business immensely."
    - M.C., Rhinelander, WI
  • "...thank you for your wonderful selection of herbs. I realize that there is no substitute for a equalized herb Doctor, however, for minor common problems, it is gratifying to solve some health problems with your help. By listing the herbs and their properties (along with suggested dosage) in a clear manner I have been able to use your herbs to overcome some irritating health problems...Thank you again!"
    - L. E., Sumner, WA
  • "...I wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing. Your prices are excellent, your customer service is fantastic and I always get my orders very promptly. I have nothing but good things to say about your company!"
    - Lisa B., Nebraska

  • "There's certainly no herb catalog I like better than yours... I am pleased that you carry my book."
    - Robert Rister, author, Japanese Herbal Medicine

  • "If you only want to get one catalog, this is the one for you."
    - Paul Bergner, author, The Healing Power of Ginseng & The Tonic Herbs, p. 253.
  • "Thanks...the order arrived quickly. You are always so dependable and so pleasant to deal with..."
    - Kay H., Texas
  • "I'm very pleased with the herbs I received from you. Thanks!"
    - John F., Goodlettsville, Tennessee
  • "I have been purchasing herbs produced and distributed by your company since July. I want to thank you for your prompt attention to my orders and mostly, for the quality of your products. I've used Jade Herbals for a couple of months and just started using the Dragon Eggs. My energy level has improved tremendously. I'm really grateful! ...I'm sure I'll be purchasing your products for some time to come!!! Thank you!!!"
    - Carol R., Maryland
  • "Good site, good catalog."
    - John G., North Carolina
  • "Just received my order. Thanks for the quick response. I mixed all my herbs together and I'm here to tell you at the age of 32 my formulation made me feel and perform at the age of 18. Keep up the good work at helping the people."
    - James W., Arizona
  • "I appreciate your prompt shipments on your orders."
    - Dolores P., Oregon
  • "With every order I must write to say what good products you have. I am extremely pleased with every one I've sampled...the Chinese herbals work as stated in your literature. Thank you!"
    - Mary F., California
  • "I want to drop a note to you saying thank you. You have been so helpful and especially so caring ... It's so nice to have you available to learn from, being the novice that I am. Words can't express how much I appreciate your service and knowledge. Again, 'Thank you!'"
    - Anne B., Wisconsin
  • "I am writing to request a copy of your current catalog. I received your address from a friend of mine who is studying eastern herbology. He said that your prices are fair, and the quality of your herbs are excellent."
    - Jason B., New York
  • "I would also like to thank you for providing the kind of service that other business often talk about but usually fall short of. It is a genuine pleasure dealing with you."
    - Ed N., Arizona
  • "Thank you for your fine service and prompt shipments!"
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    - Tom G., Maine
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