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Five Photo's Brand First Aid Antiseptic

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East Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
Item Number: 41030

Five Photo's Brand First Aid Antiseptic

Five Photo's Brand First Aid Antiseptic (Dit Da Jow) helps prevent the risk of skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Can be used topically for sports-related muscle, ligament, and bone injuries. Though the name is translated as First Aid Antiseptic the Chinese characters on the package translate as "Injury Tian Qi Liniment". The herb "Tian Qi" is one of the core ingredients to all Dit Da Jow formulas so this formula is very appropriate and highly recommended for Iron Palm or Iron Hand conditioning and martial art training injuries in general.

Contains: Alcohol 70%, Cattail pollen (pu huang), Chinese Peony (chi shao), Dang gui (Angelica sinensis), Dragon's blood palm fruit (xue jie), Frankincense resin (ru xiang), Myrrh resin (mo yao), Peppermint oil, Safflower (hong hua), Tienchi ginseng (san qi), water.

Herb Discussion:
Cattail pollen (Pu Huang) or (Botanical name: Pollen Typhae belongs to the subcategory of Herbs that Stop Bleeding. Pu Huang is the yellow colored pollen from cattail or bulrush. It is known to stop bleeding and is used for external bleeding associated with traumatic injury. It also invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis. Using this herb can relieve pain from blood stagnation.

Chinese Peony (chi shao) belongs to the Category of Herbs that Circulate Blood. It invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis and is used for swelling and pain associated with traumatic injury.

Dang gui (Angelica sinensis) is a commonly used herb in Chinese medicine. It's main purpose is to tonify the blood. But it also invigorates and harmonizes the blood and disperses cold. It is an important herb for stopping pain due to blood stasis. It is commonly used for traumatic injury. It is combined with Olibanum and Myrrh for strains and fractures.

Dragon's blood palm fruit (xue jie) (Botanical name: Sanguis Draconis) is a resinous secretion of the fruit of Daemonorops draco. It gets its name because of its resemblance to dried blood. It belongs to the category of Herbs that Circulate the Blood. According to our East Earth Trade Winds herbalist it dispels blood stasis and alleviates pain and is used for symptoms related to injury from falls, fractures, bruises, and sprains. It is often used with Frankincense and Myrrh for bruising, swelling, and pain from trauma. It can stop bleeding when applied topically to an external injury. It invigorates the blood, disperse stasis, and stops pain. It is often combined with Olibanum and Myrrh. All three of these herbs have similar functions but Sanguis Draconis is most able to promote the regeneration of tissue, help sores heal, and stop bleeding.

Frankincense resin (ru xiang) (Botanical name: Gummi Olibanum)is a sap that comes from the Boswellia tree. It is commonly known as Frankincense or Mastic. This herb belongs to the category of Herbs that Circulate Blood.  It is said to invigorate the blood, promote the movement of Qi, stop pain, and promote the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. It is often used for traumatic pain due to blood stasis (e.g., bruising). Frankincense can also relax the tendons and reduce swelling.

Myrrh resin (mo yao) is a fragrant gum resin that also belongs to the belongs to the category of  Herbs that Circulate the Blood. It in said to break up blood stagnation to stop pain, reduce swelling, and generate flesh. It promotes healing. When used in conjunction with Olibanum both the Qi and Blood are addressed. Olibanum invigorates the blood, Myrrh disperses blood. Myrrh is said to be better for stagnation. Both can stop pain, reduce swelling and promote regeneration of damaged tissue. For this reason the two herbs are often used together.

Peppermint oil can be used topically for muscle, joint, and itchiness and allergic rash. Peppermint has a high menthol content which can provoke a cooling sensation and has analgesic (pain relieving) properties). It is used topically to relieve minor aches and pains, such as muscle cramps, sprains, and similar conditions.

Safflower (hong hua) Carthami belongs to the category of Herbs that Circulate the Blood. It invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, and stops pain. Because it is light in weight it is said to have a rapid effect on the movement of blood and the transformation of stasis and stopping pain.

Tienchi ginseng (san qi or tian qi) (Botanical name: Psuedoginseng) belongs to the category of  Herbs that Stop Bleeding. This herb stops bleeding without causing blood stagnation, transforms blood stagnation, reduces swelling and stops pain. Our East Earth Trade Winds Herbalist says that because it reduces swelling and alleviates pain this is the herb of choice for traumatic injuries and is used for swelling and pain due to falls, fractures, contusions, and sprains. According to Chinese medicine Blood stagnation causes pain and when the stagnation is removed then the blood can resume its normal circulation which helps eliminate pain and swelling.

Size: 6.7 oz. bottle

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

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Five Photo's Brand First Aid Antiseptic
Cook Danner (Fleetwood, PA) 4/16/2013 2:22 PM
I have been using this for many years, I had surgery and used this afterwards and I healed 10x's faster then normal. It works very well on healing bones.
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