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INDIGO NATURALIS / Qing Dai 100 gram extract powder

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East Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
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Item Number: 48902
brand: Sanjiu
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INDIGO NATURALIS (Chinese: Qing Dai fen 青黛粉, Japanese: seitai; Korean: cheongdae)

Size: 100 gm extract powder


Properties: salty, cold, Liver, Lung, Stomach

Action 1: Clears Heat and Relieves Toxicity.

Action 2: Cools the Blood and Disperses Swellings.

Use 1-3 grams per day. We suggest mixing 1-3 grams in a non-irritating lotion and apply topically or as recommended by your physician. Discontinue if any skin irritation results.

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

For external use only.


Note: The article on WebMD (see link below for full article) states:

"Indigo naturalis is a traditional Chinese medicine derived from the plant Strobilanthes formosanus Moore. ...Lin's team mixed the indigo powder with a base made of petroleum jelly, yellow wax, and olive oil."

The original published article concluded that: "Topical indigo naturalis ointment was a novel, safe, and effective therapy for plaque-type psoriasis."

For more information on the recent news article on Indigo and psoriasis please click the link below.


Using Indigo Naturalis for psoriasis of the scalp. Recently a customer called to reorder Indigo and stated that it helped control his psoriasis of the scalp. We asked how he used it and he stated that he took one Sanjiu packet of Indigo* and ground the powder even finer, then mixed the powder into one tablespoon of a natural brand of shampoo. Then he used it to shampoo his scalp. He did this daily and was very happy with the results.

Another customer reported that Indigo works very well for his psoriasis. He said that he mixes the extract powder in olive oil and warms it up slowly in a double boiler (i.e., a pot that is surrounded by water) for about one hour. If he wants to make it thicker he adds a little bee's wax and it will make like a cream. (6/19/15)

If you have psoriasis of the scalp and this helps you please let us know. Thanks! -EETW, 7/30/07


*The Sanjiu extract packet contains the equivalent of 3 grams. If you have the 100 gram container, then measure out 3 grams.


Please consult Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica for more information on the uses of individual herbs. Many other books give recipes for formulas that you can make with the Sanjiu herbs.


Additional Information

WebMD Article: Indigo Ointment Relieves Psoriasis

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