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Lien Chiao Pai Tu Pien / Forsythia Fruit Tablets

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East Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
East Earth Trade Winds Chinese HerbsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese HerbsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese HerbsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese herbs
Item Number: 40926

Forsythia Fruit Tablets (Lian Qiao Bai Du Pian)* clears heat, reduces inflammation, eliminates swelling, and relieves pain. Used for skin infections, inflammations, and eruptions. Works as a skin cleanser. Our East Earth Trade Winds herbalist says that this product was recommended in Letha Hadady's book Asian Health Secrets. Use four tablets twice a day.

Contains: Forsythia, Lonicera (honeysuckle), Platycodon, Angelica (Bai Zhi), Fritillary, Tokyo Violet (Zi hua di ding), Dandelion (Pu gong ying), Siler, Dittany (Dictamni), Peony, Scuttelaria, Scrophularia, Licorice (glycyrrhiza), Trichosanthes, Gardenia.

Size: 96 tablets

Note: The current product we carry has more herbs than the previous formula. The additional herbs are, in general, used to Clear Heat and Detoxify. For example, Tokyo Violet (Zi Hua Di Ding) is used to improve the effect of Heat-Clearing and Toxicity removing herbs. It is often combined with herbs such as Lonicera and Dandelion. Dandelion Clears Heat and Removes Toxicity. Dittam (Dictamni) Clears Heat and removes Dampness, Trichosanthes Clears Heat and Purges Fire, Gardenia Purges Fire.

*Older boxes labeled Lien Chiao Pai Tu Pien and list the following ingredients: Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera), Gardenia, Chinese Skullcap (scutellaria); Dense-fruit Dittam  (Dictamnus), Forsythia, Chinese Peany (Paeonia), Siler.

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

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