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Moxa - Box 10

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Chinese herbs from East Earth Trade Winds
Chinese herbs from East Earth Trade WindsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
Item Number: 2422

Moxa Sticks

About the Product:

  • Pure moxa rolls for mild moxibustion
  • Quality moxa for acu-point moxa treatment
  • Offers heat through indirect moxa
  • High quality moxa
  • Uniform and slow burning

Moxa (mugwort; Artemisiae argyi) sticks for Moxibustion. Moxa sticks are burned above areas of the body that feel cold or painful and respond to warmth. Moxibustion is considered useful in the treatment of health problems and maintenance of health. Our East Earth Trade Winds herbalist says that Moxa sticks look like long cigars. Once lit they are held above the skin to prevent accidental burning. To use, peel off the outer wrapper and light the end. Hold above the skin and move in a circular or up and down motion. Use from 1-5 minutes or until the skin is slightly reddened by the heat. Each moxa stick is 8" long and can be reused many times. Use in well ventilated area. Do not leave burning moxa stick unattended and make sure that it is out when you are done using it. See Acupuncture: A Comprehensive Text for more detailed information on using moxa or click on the link below.

Size: Box of ten Moxa Sticks

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