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This page contains unsolicited testimonials from customers who enjoy a particular product. If you have had a good experience with a product and would like to share it with others. Please send it to . We hope you enjoy reading these comments and perhaps get more insight into using a particular product.


 Re: Iron Hand Liniment, Clifford N. of Akron, OH wrote "Love this stuff. I have given this to many friends who have been injured. no complaints yet." (4/18/15)



We used the Yunnan Baiyao Monday, my wife bled after a fall ... the herbs were a big help, much appreciated! -D.A. (5/9/13)

I ordered the Long Hay Flat 
Tung Shueh Pills  as an anti-inflammatory and and I wanted you to know that this really worked on my bunions. After only eight days I am pain free!!  -J.L., Mount Prospect, IL (5/17/11)

Chin Koo Tieh Shang Wan One of our customers wrote us:

I have used this product on my 9 yr old German shepherd for the last 7 yrs. She has constantly been plagued with muscle problems from over exercising. The vet that we use practices eastern medicine and used this on her with remarkable results. Usually within 48 hrs she has recovered quite well.When I told the vet this he wasn't surprised and I said I should probably use this for my knees and he said hop on the scale. To my surprise it worked. Now my neighbor has some similar issues with hip and he too doesn't want all the problems with using the prescription meds.We ordered it yesterday and it should be here tomorrow. Now I no longer have to make a trip to the vet, for the dog or myself. I just wish there was more information out there about Eastern medicine (how it works or more doctors for humans that use it) maybe healthcare wouldn't be so expensive. Once again thank you.
                                                                                                         Tim M. (4/29/10)


I just wanted say thanks for the advice and the speedy delivery of my order. The Iron Hand Liniment and Tung Shueh tablets miraculously got me back on my road bike in a day!

I could feel the Iron Hand Liniment working as soon as I applied it the first time. I know I've been working my knee for the past two months, trying to get it to bend, trying to get on my road bike and go for a ride, with all my efforts ending with the same Range of Motion. But the first night after receiving the liniment i just felt like I could do it. My knee felt different, and sure enough, I jumped on my road bike and after a couple slow pedals to stretch  and bend my knee, I did one full revolution without pain, then another and another! Before I knew it I was on my bike, road 6 miles!

I have to say that I think it was the Iron Hand Liniment and the Tung Shueh tablets. Prior to these products I was just in terrible pain when trying to bend the the knee to a certain degree.

I guess my beliefs have been reassured again, as I hold dearly a faith in natural cures and Chinese remedies.

Thanks again, Ill be ordering more liniment really soon. :-)

S.H.  9/26/08

Click here to read a review of Po Sum Onmedicated oil  (posted 5/2/2008)


I am grateful for the information I have learned and am learning from Asian Health Secrets (41844) and for the health I am getting back.


Sincerely, -Susan D.L., Tampa, Fl (3/7/07)




I am a very satisfied customer of East Earth Trade Winds, my skin is hyper sensitive to the sun and in spring or on vacation I get itchy red skin allergy bumps that would last for weeks when exposed to the sun even for a few minutes. I took Armadillo Counter Poison Pills (15100)on a Mexican vacation and had no reaction whatsoever to the sun. They also seem to work to prevent cold sore eruptions better than any prescription of Western Medicine I have ever tried. If I feel the tingle coming on, I take two pills and have not had a cold sore eruption for 4 months so far. I would recommend this company and its products to anyone. Best regards, C.P., Hayden Lake, ID (3/22/07)

Tung Shueh (40116) is working great for my husband who suffers from severe arthritis in his ankles from an injury sustained twenty years ago. Thanks for your great products. -J.B., Cincinnati, OH (3/1/07)

We received an order for Venus (code: 45802) and our customer wrote:

I love this product! Thank you so much. And thanks for the quick shipment. -L.O., Murphysboro, IL (1/8/07)




My 54 year old husband has been working 18 hrs.on 6 hrs off rebuilding the power grid in Seattle, and he swears by this stuff. Thanks! -L.V., Pomeroy, Wa (12/26/06)



Culing Pills (16380) work better than Prilosec (R) and Nexium (R) for indigestion and acid reflux and there is no side effects. -B.M., Devine, TX


It is a pleasure to deal with you. All of your products are great, and I am telling all my friends and family about your wonderful products and service. Thank you. -T.D., Murdock, NE (11/7/06)


Regarding Schizandra (43575), a customer wrote:

..."Thank you" for the wonderful healing I am experiencing from ingesting Schizandra. -R.E., Hemet, CA (8/30/06)


Found ad for you in a catalog. Also purchased the Iron Hand liniment (42381). Works very well by the way. -C.N., Akron, Ohio (1/9/06)

I was reminded how effect tienchi ginseng powder* is for cuts: I cut my finger and stopped bleeding almost immediately by applying the powder. Everyone should know this!
Your very old friend. -P.B., Kapa'au, HI (7/28/05)

Note: Tienchi powder is commonly available in theYunnan Baiyao formula. (code #45452)

I am writing to praise your excellent Chai Tea. I would like to let you know that you have an adoring fan cheering you on. I appreciate your product immensely and would like to let you know, and keep it coming. My whole family loves your Chai and it is now a daily routine to sit around in the eveing and drink our Chia tea. It's great to drink anytime of the day... It is a great alternative to coffee. Thank you so much for making your product so enjoyable. -Julia M., Aptos, CA 2/27/2005

Just to let you know, my first order with East Earth was about three weeks ago, & I ordered Sexoton yam (Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan 16620) and Hsio Yao Wan (Xiao Yao Wan 15851). These herbs have made an enormous difference in my quality of life - I have a chronic illness and had been suffering from severe lower back pain for months. Within three days I could tell a difference in how I felt, and in the last three weeks I have felt better and been more active than since last summer. I've been treated primarily by western medicine and have been frustrated more often than helped, so finding these simple and effective herbs has been a godsend for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Sincerely yours,
S.W., Georgia

In my practice, I have access to integrative healthcare product providers, worldwide. Without question, EETW is the most outstanding supplier of its kind. I have not hesitated to send hundreds of clients to this superb resource!
-Dr. A.J. Burnes, Star, ID (11/4/04)



Regarding Happy Garden Tea (45339):

Love, Love the tea!! :-)

C.T., Carroll Valley, PA 9/15/04)

I found out about East Trade Winds from the book Prescription for Herbal Healing by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. On page 536 where she list "Pill for Deafness" I ordered Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan(16980) and have been very pleased with the results. I am still taking it. I am now interested in "Ho-Shou-Wu" for a friend for a blood thinner.
-R.B., Brazoria, TX

This year, while all others surrounding me came down with severe flu, I missed the malady thanks to Ganmaoling (15683).
-Donald M. Columbus, NC (2/22/04)

I've been an East Earth customer for a number of years, with splendid results. (You might be interested in knowing that since I started taking Xiao Yao Wan(15851), my migraines have disappeared. I had been diagnosed by two acupuncturists as having stagnant Liver Qi, so I searched in your catalog for something that would get the Liver moving again, and voila!) ... I will continue to enjoy and order from your catalog. Best wishes.

L.H., Bordentown, NJ (1/21/01)

"Dear EETW,
I've been using Jing Wan Hong(45732)on my daughter, nieces and nephews. It's fantastic! It stops swelling, bruising, black eyes, scars, redness and is good for mosquito bites and bee stings. I'm ordering more because I used it all up. I've never written about a product before but this one is truly great and you use only a small amount. I've been using it on my daughter since she was a few months old. The first time she ran her face into the corner of the VCR when she was around seven months old. I put the ointment on her and her face was fine. It usually works within 24 hours.
Thank you"
- B.B., Central Islip, New York

Dear Friends,
Thank you for making available to the Western world these great treasures from the East. Pe Min Kan Wan (16376) is a miracle worker. My sinus and allergy attacks are less frequent, and are much less severe when I do get them and last a few hours instead up to a week. They are safe to take with most over-the-counter medication. I am much less dependent on man-made chemicals. It feels great not to be all doped up all the time. I also breathe a lot easier thanks to my Lo Han Kuo infusion (16080). My thanks to you and the good, hard working people of China for sharing these riches of Asia with us. I hope to continue to do business with you in the future. God Bless!
- Becky G., Stoneboro, PA


"These (Ming Mu Di Huang Wan) work amazingly well for vision improvement!"
Bill A., California

(Ming Mu Di Huang Wan is code #16520)

Re: Tung Shueh: They are marvelous! I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 14 or 15 years and can't believe how good they work. I'm now able to walk in the morning.
- Rosemarie P., Las Vegas, NV

(Tung Shuehis code40116)

"I wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC these Chinese herb formulas are! I've been using Western herbal formulas & ginseng for over 10 years but your products are far superior to any others I've tried. The Tang Kuei is wonderful for relieving any symptoms of PMS & the Women's Longevity is great for balance & energy. My husband has finally found relief from hay fever & allergy miseries after almost 10 years of trying almost every natural remedy, herbal formulas, diets, etc....After using the (Jade) Hayfever formula alternating with (Dragon Eggs) Express he can finally breathe clearly & have relief from the allergy miseries... Finally, a simple but heartfelt thank you for making these products & information available."
- Mary A., Missouri


(Note: The Jade Hayfever has been discontinued. We suggest using Pe Min Kan Wan (16376).

"I want to say thanks for your great products!!!...I am now using the Women's Longevity (extract) and also Four Ginseng's Extract. I have had some dynamic changes with these products. My period went so smooth & still had lots of energy. It was WONDERFUL!... Thanks again for your wonderful life enhancing products!!!"
- June D., Massachusetts

Note: Women's Longevity and Four Ginsengs were discontinued around 2002. Substitutes for these products are Women's Precious (Code #41640) and Dragon 'Seng (Code#45986)



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