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Tai Chi Classes

In person and online

Tai Chi is an exercise that anyone can learn. It is commonly marketed to seniors but the truth is anyone of any age can learn and practice it.  

Tai Chi originated in China hundreds of years ago and is well-known among the Chinese for improving health and enhancing longevity. In this class you will learn the series of slow Tai Chi movements that will improve flexibility, balance, body awareness, and relieve stress. The movements are taught one at a time and explained in detail. Age or physical condition are not a factor in learning Tai Chi and no special clothing, shoes, or equipment are needed. 

Classes are taught in person and online. For more information on Tai Chi and Tai Chi classes go to

Michel Czehatowski has been practicing Yang style Tai Chi for over 40 years. He is proficient in the Single and Double movement forms (two person partner forms) of Tai Chi and enjoys sharing his knowledge of Tai Chi and health with others. 

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