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Rehmannia - 4 oz. bulk

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Chinese Herbs from East Earth Trade Winds
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Rehmanniae, Radix - 4 oz. bulk 熟地黄

Rehmanniae, Radix (steamed) (Chinese: shu di huang) is an important herb to tonify and stabilize the blood and nourish yin. The Ming dynasty's most famous botanist, Li Shi-zhen, wrote that Rehmanniae "generates the Blood-Essence, tonifies the deficiencies of the five Yin organs, penetrates the Blood vessels, benefits the ears and eyes, and blackens the hair." It is the main ingredient in the famous Kidney Yin formula Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

Research in China has shown that it decreases blood pressure and serum cholesterol.

Other: According to Nutraceuticals World (Vol 8, Fall 2013) Rehmanniae has anti-aging effects based on its catapol content, which works by promoting endogenous antioxidant enzyme activities and normalizing cell energy.

Rehmanniae is treated first by steaming and then is pounded flat. When cooked, it swells and returns to its original shape. May be combined with herbs such as Asparagi, Epimedium, and Cuscutae.  Use 9-30 grams in four cups water.

Note: Our East Earth Trade Winds herbalists reports that Rehmanniae can be cooked as a food. To do this you need to soak it overnight then cut in thin slices and cook first for at least an hour. Then add to your favorite dish.

Size: 4 oz. bulk

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

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