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Tong Xue

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East Earth Trade Winds Chinese Herbs
East Earth Trade Winds Chinese HerbsEast Earth Trade WindsEast Earth Trade WindsEast Earth Trade Winds Chinese herbs Chinese herbs Chinese Herbs
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Tong Xue

  • Contains the natural anti-inflammatory herb curcuma
  • Disperses energy blockages
  • Relieves aches and pain
  • Use for muscle and joint pain

Tong Xue (Note: We change the spelling of the product name "tung shueh" to the Pinyin spelling of "Tong Xue") is our best-selling natural Chinese herb remedy for acute or chronic joint pain. If you are looking for what Chinese herbs are good for arthritis then this is a product you should try. Curcuma, the main ingredient, is a strong antioxidant and possesses amazing anti-inflammatory and other protective powers. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to relieve pain and stiffness. The synergistic effect of this formula's combination of herbs strongly penetrates and disperses the energy blockages and blood stagnation which according to Chinese medical theory cause muscle and joint pain and discomfort. In 2014 a number of articles on the benefits of Corydalis (one of the ingredients of Tong Xue) for treating pain started circulating on the internet. Corydalis is an herb that we have long been aware of. In fact our East Earth Trade Winds herbalist added Rhizoma Corydalis (Yan hu suo) to the original formula in 1998 to improve the formula.

For chronic joint or muscle pain start by using three tablets three times daily for four days, then taper off until you find the minimum dosage that works well for you. Some people may need to use as few as 1-3 tablets a day or only use occasionally when there is a flare-up of pain or an acute injury.

Try them and feel the difference. You'll know why so many people use Tong Xue* instead of over-the-counter drugstore pain relievers! Made in the U.S. with Chinese herbs.

Contains: Rhizoma Curcuma, Rhizoma Homalomenae, Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae, Fructus Psoraleae, Plastrum Testudinis, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Cortex Cinnamomi, Frankincense, Myrrha, Radix Aucklandiae, Semen Benincasae, Radix Morindae, Cortex Eucommiae, Rhizoma Corydalis, Radix Dipsaci, Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae, Flos Carthami. 

Available in 500 mg tablets, 90 tablets per bottle. Use 3-9 tablets per day.

A discussion of the functions of the herbs in this formula can be found here:

Note: The efficacy of this product has not been confirmed by research. Traditional use does not establish that the product will achieve the claimed results.

Customer Comments and Questions:

I ordered the Long Hay Flat Tong Xue Pills  as an anti-inflammatory and and I wanted you to know that this really worked on my bunions. After only eight days I am pain free!!  -J.L., Mount Prospect, IL (5/17/11)

Tong Xue is working great for my husband who suffers from severe arthritis in his ankles from an injury sustained twenty years ago. Thanks for your great products. -J.B., Cincinnat, OH (3/1/07)

I would like to comment on your product Tong Xue, I love it!! My husband and I have been training in the martial arts for a little over a year now and we have experienced many aches, pains, and strains. We were introduced to Tong Xue a few months ago and we have noticed the relief in our joints. The only problem up until now is finding it where we live (thank goodness for modern technology).
Thank You!
Tracey N.

Hi, I've been trying different herbs to see if they actually had an effect. I had pain in my shoulder for about six months and couldn't find relief with anything. After using Tong Xue* pills for 3 weeks I noticed the pain was gone and I wasn't being woke out of sleep from it. 3 weeks after I ran out of the pills, the pain came back. Thought I'd give it another try to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  -Marty C., Michigan (2/15/1995)

Q: Could you tell me if your company's Tong Xue pills are any different from the Cow's Head Brand of the pills that I have been taking? I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and am crippled by this. I was recommended the Tong Xue pills which help pain and inflammation, but want to know if your pills are the same content and results for the disease I have? Also, how safe is it to use them all the time? How long should you be taking these pills and how many per day?

A: Our product is very similar to the Cow's Head Tung Shueh formula, however, over the years we have changed some of the ingredients to make a better product. For example, we have added Curcuma which is a natural anti-inflammatory and Corydalis which is good for pain related symptoms. All ingredients in the product are listed on the label.

If you have chronic pain we recommend taking three pills three times per day for four days to start and then taper off slowly until you find a dose that maintains your comfort. Some people may need to take as few as 1-3 per day and others may need to stay on higher dosages for a while before tapering off. Many of our customers use them occasionally when aches or pains flare up.

Most people are not aware that Cow's Head Brand Tung Shueh contains diazepam (valium) as an unlisted ingredient. Valium is a prescription drug. It is not legal to sell this product with out a prescription because it can be addictive. But as you know, just because something is illegal doesn't mean you can't buy it somewhere. There is a long history of problems with Cow's Head brand. That is why we sell our own brand. If you are using Cow's Head brand we suggest that you switch to our Long Hay Flat brand Tong Xue instead. It is a safer product with a complete ingredient listing on the label and is made in the USA with Chinese herbs and no unlisted prescription drugs.

Product Reviews

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Amazing Product for dogs with Hip Dysplasia or Arthritis!
Carole Pippin (Redding, CA) 1/28/2010 3:03 PM
I have a Pit Bull who is now 8 years old who has hip dysplasia. I had her on a vet recommended product for years that seemed to work less and less over time, which was also quite expensive. The same was true for my 9 year old German Shepard, who has arthritis. I started them both out on 3-6 pills a day, depending on their degree of pain, and noticed an improvement after just a few days. I have been able to cut back to one pill per day for each of them and it has maintained the same results for almost a year now. If they over play and get to sore, i increase the dosage by a few pills for a few days until they are at full recovery again. These dogs run, jump, swim, and play like puppies and no longer have to rest for several days afterward to be even be able to move! I love this product and am so glad that I found it! it also works great on humans too!
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