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Yin Tonifying Herbs

Yin Tonifying Herbs tonify the Yin (essential fluids) of the Lungs, Stomach, Liver or Kidneys. They are typically sweet, cold, moistening substances that tonify Yin and generate fluids as a means of treating dryness. These herbs are important to use with other types of herbs, for example, they moderate Yang Tonifying herbs. If you are interested in aging gracefully then the Yin tonifying herbs are one group of herbs that you should be sure to use on a regular basis.
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Chinese Herbs from East Earth Trade Winds
Ligustri Lucidi - 4 oz. bulk
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Ligustri Lucidi - 4 oz. bulk
LIgustri Lucidi nourishes and tonifies the Liver and Kidneys and is traditionally used for premature graying of hair...
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